PETG is a versatile, transparent plastic which is very strong and impact and chemical resistant. It is easy to work with and suitable for numerous applications, both indoors and outdoors. Due to its high fire-safety rating, it is the only transparent plastic authorised for use in airports. It is also suitable for use with foodstuffs.

PETG sheet, a thermoplastic polyester, is an extrusion product and it therefore has a low thickness tolerance.

Characteristics of PETG

PETG is stronger and more impact resistant than acrylic, is easy to work with and has multiple uses. In addition, the material has an excellent fire classification (B1) and is the only transparent plastic to comply with stringent airport safety requirements. As a food-grade certified plastic, PETG is also suitable for applications in the foodstuffs industry.

We supply extruded PETG sheets of various thicknesses, for use indoors and outdoors. You can choose from a wide range of transparent colours and various finishes, such as crystal clear, opal, anti-reflective and matt.

Most important characteristics:

  • Very strong and impact resistant
  • Most fire-resistant transparent plastic
  • Suitable for use in the foodstuffs industry
  • Easy to work with (can be bent when cold)
  • Wide choice of transparent colours


PETG is easy to work with. The main processing techniques we use are:


Due to its strong characteristics and impact resistance, PETG is used extensively in machinery engineering, to make machinery hoods and parts. This easy-to-use material is also highly suitable for illuminated signs, displays and the presentation of foodstuffs. PETG is the only transparent plastic authorised for use in airports.

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