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You can find plastics being applied in many different sectors. This is understandable, because plastics have unique properties that offer many advantages. For example, plastics are very strong, durable and impact resistant, and user-friendly. And in terms of shape and colour, they offer endless possibilities. We have a great deal of expertise and experience in the following sectors, including:

  • Machine and equipment engineering
  • Interior design and stand construction
  • Illuminated advertising and signage
  • Yacht building

But, of course, we will also be happy to think about other applications with you.

Machine and equipment engineering

Covers and protective hoods in machine construction are increasingly made from plastic, but plastics such as polycarbonate, PETG and acrylic are also particularly suitable for the production of other machine parts. The most important reasons for this is the resistance to high temperatures, chemicals and wear - essential in an industry in which safety is paramount.

Interior design and stand construction

A luxurious appearance and endless possibilities in terms of shape and colour: this is what makes acrylic so popular with interior designers, stylists and stand builders. But polycarbonate is also popular. A unique design object for a modern interior? Practical displays, presentation cases and shop shelves? Stylish display cases, leaflet holders and semi-spheres for striking trade fair presentations? We will help you work out your ideas and produce made-to-measure plastic products of the highest quality.

Illuminated advertising and signage

Most plastics, such as acrylic, are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This makes them ideal for applications in the advertising industry. We make every shape and size of light boxes, lettering, signage and billboards. And as far as colour is concerned, we make sure that everything matches your company's house style.

Yacht building

The applications of acrylic on luxury yachts are extremely diverse. As a partner of leading yacht builders and interior designers, we supply boat windows and railing glazing, but also protective hoods for lighting display cases and design objects. And that's not all. You can also come to us for made-to-measure plastic products to protect your crockery on board because Schuerman Sea Fastening is the European specialist of choice in the field of sea fastening.

If you would like more information or if you are curious about sheet plastic applications in other sectors, we would be delighted to discuss the possibilities with you.

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