PVC comes in many varieties. Hard PVC is often used in industry. This material is hard, retains its shape and has very good chemical and electrical properties. The foam version of hard PVC is approximately 50 per cent lighter, easy to print on and process, and extremely weather resistant making it a popular material in the outdoor advertising and signage industry.

Hard PVC is also available in tubes, bars and profile as well as in sheets. Foam PVC, also known as Forex®, is a lightweight hard-foam sheet with a closed cell structure.

Characteristics of PVC

Hard PVC is a very hard and shape-retaining plastic with good chemical consistency and electrical insulation. In addition, the material also has good fire-resistant properties (B1). Hard PVC is used mainly for a wide variety of industry applications. The foam version of hard PVC, PVC foam sheet, is much lighter (approx. 0.5 g/cm³), easy to print on and work with, and extra weather resistant. Extremely suitable for (outdoor) advertising.

We supply PVC in sheet, tube, bar and profile form, and PVC foam sheets in various thicknesses, also suitable for permanent outdoor use. You can choose from white foam sheets with a matt structure or smooth surface and also coloured sheets.

Most important characteristics:

  • Hard and shape retaining
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good electrical insulation
  • Good fire classification (B1)
  • Excellent for gluing / welding
  • Weather resistant
  • Very light in weight (foam PVC: 0.5 g/cm³)
  • Easy to print on (foam PVC)
  • Easy to work with (foam PVC)


Hard PVC and PVC foam sheets are easy to work with. The main processing techniques we use are:


Hard PVC is used extensively in industry, for example for water, air and chemical transport pipes, electrical cable housing and, due to its good electrical insulation, as mounting panels for electrical boxes. Foam PVC is extremely suitable for outdoor advertising billboards and displays. It is light, hard and weather resistant as well as being easy to print on and process.

If you would like more information on this material or to discuss the possibilities for using hard PVC or PVC sheet for your application, we'd love to hear from you!

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